Our Facilities

We at Orthodox Funeral Services only provide the best and the highest standard in servicing multiple locations.

You can only avail of the finest funeral services with us such as the following:

1.  Sitting rooms that provide a friendly comfort.  We understand that talking to friends and discussing matters help ease the pain of losing the one you love. That is the reason why our sitting rooms aim to achieve that level of comfort where you can just relax for a while with those close to your heart.

2.  Display room that offers a view of the different caskets and coffins we carry.  The choices are unlimited.  We provide the best designed and elegantly crafted coffins and caskets to fit every personality and every mood.

3.  Various chapels to choose from.  Our chapels are the best of its kind.  In here, you are brought into a peaceful eternal bliss where you can meditate and be in comfortable solitude.

4.  Different wakes and function rooms that are equipped with bathroom and kitchen facilities. Our aim is to give you comfort, mentally and physically.  Your guests will be lingering a while to keep you company.  Their comfort, together with yours, will also be our responsibility.

5.  Mortuary that is quality controlled and is equipped with all the necessary services and refrigeration as needed.

6.  Hearses that are specially designed for every family’s need.  Being a traditional family, we at Orthodox Funeral Services, try to retain traditional values and practices but with a bit of modern elements incorporated in it.  Our line of hearses have their own theme, motifs and designs to choose from.

7.  An elegant and high quality fleet of morning cars.  We want to bring you to your loved one’s final resting place in utmost comfort to help alleviate the pain of loss.  Choose from our prestigious collection of morning cars that can help soothe out your pain.

8.  Brand new mortuary ambulance that is fully equipped with all the amenities that can help prevent any unforeseen events.

Should you want to view our facilities, we encourage you to contact us for an appointment.  We will gladly give you a tour of what we can offer.

For more information, phone 1300 211 700 or click here to receive an instant free price quote.

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