A funeral service starts with a well thought-of plan.  Arrangement takes an estimate of two hours.  In most instances, relatives and family like the surviving spouse, parent, child or children, partner or sibling, will be made responsible for planning the funeral service.  Should there be no next of kin, anyone who is closely associated with the deceased will arrange the funeral.

We at Orthodox Funeral Service, funeral planning starts with an Arrangement Consultation.  Through this process, we will help you decide on the various options available for you and your preferences.  There are many practical as well as celebratory portions of the funeral service and taking everything into detail is important.  Also, there are legal documents that need to be signed.  We will help you with this as well.  All your decisions will be recorded and noted.  This will help in providing estimated costs to ensure that the service is within your budget.

The date and time is important in planning for a funeral service.  We will also help you decide on this together with assisting in newspaper notices, choosing which cemetery or crematorium, the type of casket to use, the clergy or the celebrant who will need to be present, the different floral arrangements, and the like.

Our funeral services at Orthodox Funeral Services does not lean on an religion, culture or race.  Our services are open to everybody.  We will accommodate any kind of requests in particular to those relating to traditions and customs.

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