Burial is known as the ritual laying of the deceased into a grave below the ground or above it such as in a tomb, crypt, vault or mausoleum.  Different jurisdictions, states, and cultures have their own method in the burial process and we, at Orthodox Funeral Services acknowledge this.  There are many requirements when it comes to the burial portion of a funeral service.  The preparation itself, such as the embalming and placing of the body into a zinc liner inside the casket or coffin requires hard work.  This is the part we are very much known for.  Preparation begets success.  This is what defines our service.


Whether you choose a more modern approach to the burial process or you prefer the traditional approach, we will provide you with the most memorable experience that can help alleviate you from the grieving process.  In a burial, friends and family reunite and gather around consoling each other into a reflective occasion.  It is for this reason that Orthodox Funeral Services has to provide the proper venue where you can console one another. We are known to provide the best environment for this setting that can help make the memory worthwhile visiting.

Whether you decide to have your deceased loved on cremated or buried, we have lots of different offers that can accommodate any.  We encourage you to direct us to what you want.  You tell us what to do and we will execute it to the best of what we can. Our Funeral Director is on hand any minute of the day to answer all your questions.

Call us now and tell us how we can help give your deceased loved one the best burial service she or he deserves.

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