Prior to any burial or cremation, deciding the kind of funeral service you want is the first step to the funeral service.  Questions such as whether a traditional burial is preferred over a cremation, whether the body is to be repatriated overseas or whether you prefer a single or dual service.

Single Funeral Service

This service is held only in one location which can either be at a burial site, crematorium or in any of the chapels of our funeral home. Because of this, travel time is less.  Using any of the chapels of Orthodox Funeral Service provides the best versatility when it comes to timing.  Our facilities are always open to use for wakes and the refreshments needed.

Dual Funeral Service

This is the most popular type of service.  It makes use of a church or chapel followed by a funeral procession to either the crematorium or cemetery.  The Dual service is also called the traditional service because it is more attuned to traditions, attendance as well as participation of friends and family.

Traditional or Modern?

This is sometimes the two things that prevent families from deciding what they really want.  Culture and religion also comes into play.  Some people prefer to choose a traditional service while others look to the more modern methods of a funeral service.  These two should be thought of properly and should not be rushed.

Orthodox Funeral Service aim to deliver what you want and we cannot do this without you deciding on what you think is best for your deceased loved one.  Contact our Funeral Director for an Arrangement Consultation.  He will be able to provide you with more guidance,  suggestions and more options.

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