Choices to consider

•    When and where you would like the funeral to be held
•    The type of service you desire
•    If a burial or cremation will follow the service
•    What type of coffin or casket
•    Clothing you want for the deceased
•    Details about the viewing of the deceased
•    Who you would like to be involved
•    The type of floral arrangements
•    Motor vehicles you would like for the day
•    Writing and placing a death and/or a funeral newspaper notice
•    Alternatives to religious funerals
•    The choice of music or poetry for the service
•    Organising flowers or donations
•    Preparing a eulogy
•    Memorial books and cards
•    Catering
•    Whether to have a viewing?
•    Order of Service or Life Review presentation?
•    Will there be a gathering and refreshments afterwards?

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