Orthodox Funeral Services hire only the best trained embalmers.  Embalmers are those who are responsible for preparing the dead for burial starting from disinfecting the body to preserving it for the funeral services. They are the most qualified professionals who treat the deceased with chemicals for the body’s preservation.

The embalming process is not required in all funeral services.  Most of the time, it is requested only in the following instances: when viewing is arranged, when the time line between time of death and the funeral service is so distant, if the burial is above ground like a crypt, vault, tomb or mausoleum, or in cases of international or interstate repatriation is required.

Our embalming service is usually done in our premises and under controlled room conditions but clients can request for an out of town service.  We are known for personalized and customized service and this is one way we adhere to this.

The Orthodox Funeral Service process of embalming are continuously assessed to make sure that all the regulations relating to health and sanitation are complied with.  We acknowledge that safety and environmental  standards must be met as well as maintained all the time and further backed up with insurance arrangements.  Embalming is made during normal working hours but requests can be made for emergencies and weekends especially when this will help assist the Funeral Director in arranging for the funeral.

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