Legal Requirements

Legal requirements

Arranging and conducting funerals is a complex business. There are many legal requirements, for example:

  • The Public Health Act and Regulations dictate the way in which a body may be disposed, either as burial or cremation
  • When bodies are shipped overseas, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs as well as the government of the destination country (as represented by their local embassy) will prescribe the manner and documentation for the repatriation
  • Procedures regarding the handling of bodies are dictated by Occupational Health and Safety legislation
  • Various local councils will also have regulations when it comes to organising a funeral in their municipality (such as at a local cemetery)
  • The Privacy Act sets out principles for collecting, sharing and storing personal information that is gathered while arranging a funeral
  • Rules dictating the registration of a death, including all the required information, are set by the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages Act as administered by the Registrar
  • Consumer protection for the funeral sector is governed by the Office of Fair Trading, including the offering of a Basic Funeral.

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