Transportation of the deceased

There are various reasons why it is necessary that the deceased person is transported overseas or interstate.  Most of the time, the common mode of transport is through air or by land, with the body kept in a refrigerated vehicle as it is brought to its destination.

It has been a practice that overseas repatriation of a deceased person’s body is common for families and clans who which that their loved one return to his place of birth.  Because of this, it is important that the correct procedures as well as proper documentation be strictly followed.  It is a common practice that documentation should be submitted to the health department, the foreign agencies concerned, and most especially the Embassy or Consulate concerned.

Transportation interstate or overseas requires hard work and patience.  This process arrangement takes days, sometimes weeks, to organize depending on the circumstances of each case and the practices of each state or jurisdiction.  Nevertheless, the length of time is determined in the kind of embalming process or method the body will undergo.

At Orthodox Funeral Services, transportation interstate or overseas services is our forte.  We are known to be highly disciplined and reliable.  Our staff is trained with adequate know how in handling this kind of service as well as coordinating among the agencies and offices concerned.

Please contact us for more information on this service.  While there are general rules to follow and fixed methods we adhere to, we acknowledge that each case is always a first and each client is special.  We customize each service per client request so tell us what you want and what you need and we will arrange it for you.


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