Viewings in funeral services are generally not available for all.  Most of the time, this portion is availed of when requested by family and friends.

Here at Orthodox Funeral Services, viewing can be arranged in any of our pristine chapels or at a church of your choice.  This part is one of the most emotional time of the service because it is where most people say their last goodbyes. Because of this, the place should be as soothing, relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Orthodox Funeral Services are proud of its personalised services it renders to all clients.  We look at Viewings as one of the ways where family can personally meet the Funeral Director as well as the funeral staff.  Further discussion on how the funeral service will proceed can happen at this time.  It is also during this meeting that family can ask the Funeral Director for more questions about the service, what to expect, what else is needed, what will happen after, and the like.

The time spent in viewing depends on the family.  It can last for as long as an hour or two to as much as 2 days to accommodate those who will be traveling far.  We at Orthodox Funeral Service understand the needs of each family and we are versatile enough to accommodate different requests.  We are proud of the personalized service we provide and this is one way where you can experience it.

Please note, however, that there will be times when the Funeral Director will suggest that viewing will not be in the best interest of the family or friends of the deceased, especially if requested.  This will be subject to discussion should a situation like this arise.

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