Funeral Prices

People have minimal or no experience when it comes to handling and organizing a funeral service such as the preparation and filing of legal documents. In addition to that, they become emotionally and physically distraught. Because of these main reasons, people will resort to searching expert services of a professional funeral home as their source of comfort and stress relief.

Many consumers prefer Orthodox Funerals home because we hold a high reputation in providing the utmost personalised funeral service.

At Orthodox Funerals, we give reasonable and affordable funeral prices. We abide with the law by providing the general price list to every consumer who visits our funeral home. The price list shall contain itemized costs that are available. Many consumers also find telephone calls to be more convenient. The law also mandates every funeral home to provide the price list over the phone to those who want to enquire.

Funeral prices will include the funeral director’s expertise, costs of the staff’s services for the funeral and the chosen cemetery or chapel’s services. Church services can also be included if desired. Other costs include the cemetery arrangement, transportation of the deceased and the aftercare and dressing of the deceased.

Costs will also differ as to what type of coffin or casket the family or the deceased loved one has specified. Miscellaneous fees include the memorial book where the guests will sign, bookmarks and the registration and death certificate as legal documents. If the family or the deceased does not have any plot, then that will be another expense for their part. If there is already an available plot then keep in mind that cemeteries have opening and closing payments to charge their customers. The prices vary from one cemetery to another.

Optional funeral prices include the service fees of the celebrant or the clergy, arrangement fees, embalming services, public notary services, use of a mourning car, thank you notes, professional fees of a singer or a choir and an organist if wished by the mourners.

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