When a death occurs

We never know when death will strike.  It may happen at home, in the nursing home, at the hospital or retirement village or in a public place.  Most of the time, the doctor is the first person who will be called.  Once the doctor has identified the legalities relating to the cause of death as well as the identity of the deceased, a medical certificate will be prepared stating the cause of death and the time of death, among others.  From this point, it is now time to call your Funeral Director.

When Does a Coroner Get Involved?

The coroner is called, instead of the Funeral Director, when the deceased did not visit his doctor in the last 3 months before his death or in cases where the doctor cannot determine cause of death.

At this point, the coroner will determine the cause of death by either of two ways:  contacting the last attending physician of the deceased in order to get a medical history or have a pathologist conduct an autopsy.  After this is done, the coroner’s report will be forwarded to the police.

Always the Funeral Director

In either of the two cases, you will still have to call your Funeral Director.

Here at Orthodox Funeral Services, our Funeral Director is tasked to liaise on your family’s behalf as well as take care of everything that happens afterward.

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