Whom to notify

There are many technicalities that may be involved when it comes to funeral planning.  We, at Orthodox Funeral Services, will help you in every step.  Here is a brief discussion on who to notify upon death of your loved one.

The decision on who should be notified first depends on each circumstances of the occassion such as place of death and cause of death.  If the deceased died in the hospital, it is his attending physician who should be notified first.  The medical staff will take care of all the necessary arrangements which includes contact your Funeral Director or a funeral home or even arrange for an autopsy.

Notifying family, friends, and the clergy is also just as important.  Generally, calling close relatives and family is an automatic instinct.  They help unburden the news and they help spread it out to other members of the family so that you are not burdened with the responsibility of informing everyone.

If the deceased dies at work or at home, the first phone call is to 000.  Do remember that in cases of any unexpected death, calling this number is a must because it happened without a doctor around or any medical personnel present.  Calling the police helps start investigation into the cause of death.  This is the time the coroner comes in to check the body and have it transported for an autopsy or a funeral home. Do remember, however, that an autopsy does not happen all the time.  It is made only in a case to case basis and only if needed.

Considering all the foregoing, do not forget to call your Funeral Director in any of the cases mentioned.  We, at Orthodox Funeral Services, understand every situation and will handle your case promptly and appropriately.  Will will assist in the transportation of the body, collect information in preparation of the death certificate, prepare the obituary, and the like.

All of these and more are what we can offer.

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