Why hold a funeral?

A funeral is important and is a tradition practices ever since because it conforms to burial requirements, it is a social obligation, it is fulfilling spiritually, and it provides comfort emotionally.

A funeral is a ritual.  It is public. It can be private as when exclusive family members and close friends are the only people allowed to participate.  It is traditional and spiritual.  It is a means of expressing grieve, emotions, feelings and farewells to someone who was so loved dearly.

A funeral is rich in its own history.  Different religions, cultures, and race have their own ways of burial but everything all boils down to everyone having a funeral.

With the funeral ceremony, we are brought to acknowledge death.  We encourage grief and express it.  We bring testimony to the life of the deceased.  We show support to family and friends.  We embrace our faith and we offer continuity to living.

Holding a funeral service helps establish relationships with people gathering around celebrating the life of the deceased while at the same time mourning his death.  It brings back happy memories, and is passed on to others to share.

Orthodox Funeral Services realises all these things so we find it upon ourselves to provide you with the best services and the best venue for all your needs.  Our services are fixed while at the same time personalised.  We cater to everyone’s preferences.

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