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Here at Orthodox Funerals, all our Funeral Directors have the utmost experience in Orthodox Funerals. Specialising in Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and Coptic Funerals, we can cater to any occasion.

Let us help you plan the orthodox funeral the way you want it. Give yourself the peace of mind on the day of the funeral ceremony that everything should be running smoothly.

The commitment we give to you at Orthodox Funerals.

The role of the funeral director are irreplaceable and indispensable in our society. It is a kind of role that is perfectly combined with profession, vocation and business. Because death has its uncertain time to come, funeral directors should always be prepared and accessible especially in times of need. Any time of the day, 24 hours 7 times in a week, Orthodox Funerals can provide the emotional and physical support you need, with expert and sound advices.


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You can expect our funeral directors to provide exceptional service and deeply empathetic of feelings of friends and family during this difficult time of grief. We our years of experience in planning a funeral ceremony as efficient as time allows, family members and friends can focus their attention on coping with grief.

At Orthodox Funerals, you can always expect us to fulfil the requests of the bereaved family and fulfil the requests of the deceased.

Whether you are new or experienced in funeral planning, Orthodox Funerals will always make it easier for you to carry out the funeral plans with complete knowledge of what services can be available to you. It is our responsibility to inform the family members of all types of services available, the optional extras that is easily catered to the funeral package and any other compulsory costs or legal advice needed for the funeral service.

We are experienced on how to repatriate a body and engage with different ethnic, religious and cultural practices of varying groups. We are knowledgeable about the special needs of different people whose loved ones have suffered from tragic accidents or sudden death. We always provide reliable information as to where the family should submit the requirements pertaining to death and to where the death should be registered. All deceased will have a special memorial page on our heavens address.

Funeral directors at Orthodox Funerals specialize in giving  you practical help in a specialised way. We perform all responsibilities from  transporting the body to the chosen place of  rest where the bereaved family can view the body as they wish. The remains will be taken care of until the time of the funeral.

All funeral related negotiations will be taken care by us, such as the ministry and other groups, wherein their services are needed in completing the funeral service. We will also be the one responsible for supervising and overseeing that the flow of the funeral service is operating smoothly. Our profession is one of a kind. There are no excuse clauses. Once the bereaved has asked for professional help, we do all in our endeavour to respond quickly no matter what the circumstances are. Orthodox Funeral Directors are all compassionate and committed to be of service to the greater public.

Contact us for a chat to help plan your funeral the way you want it to be.

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What makes Orthodox Funeral Directors unique?

Being passionate about your family in grief and performing a quality Orthodox Funeral by our experienced religious Orthodox Funeral Director is what we do best. We have call support 24 hours everyday of the week to ensure we provide immediate support in emergency funeral planning, emotional grieving support or for any other urgent matters relating to the deceased.

Our Funeral Director have been practising the delicacy of performing a traditional themed Orthodox Funeral for generations after generation. You can trust that the funeral ceremony will be placed in great hands and the service will be held with the utmost respect and sentimentality your deceased member deserves.


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