Prepaid Funerals

The grief of losing a loved one is enough to bear without the extra worry of paying for the funeral.

An Orthodox Funeral Services prepaid funeral will save your family the added stress of having to dig into their life savings or take out a loan to give you a fitting send-off.

And it will free them from making difficult decisions about what type of funeral you’d like.

Pre-paying a funeral is no different from pre-paying other life events, such as insurance and retirement income.


  • Pay at today’s prices – no inflation increase.
  • Fully guaranteed – our contract ensures your peace of mind.
  • Pension protection – prepayments are invested in government Funeral Bonds that are not subject to the Assets Testing or Deeming.
  • No time limit – one more thing you don’t have to worry about.
  • Your wishes will be followed to the letter.
  • Full benefits – Cosmopolitan Funerals’ complete service applies to prepaid funerals.


  • Type of service (eg. religious or civil).
  • Venue (eg. church, public space).
  • Special features for the service, such as a favourite poem or music.
  • Your preference for burial or cremation.
  • Your preferred cemetery or crematorium.
  • Special features for the internment ceremony (eg. release of doves or butterflies)
  • Special wishes of your family.
  • Mourning vehicles.
  • Death notices.
  • Flowers or donations to a charity.

There’s no need to interrupt your day travelling. An Orthodox Funeral Services consultant will visit you at a convenient time to discuss these details and any other questions you may have.


You can prepay in a lump sum or by instalments to suit your budget.

For more information, phone 1300 211 700 or click here to receive an instant free price quote.

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