Pre-paid Funeral Plan Benefits

You have seen what Orthodox Funeral Services can offer with respect to pre-arranged and pre-paid funeral plans.  Now is the time to realize their advantages.

A pre-paid funeral plan benefit guarantees your funeral preferences and that they will be carried out accordingly in the most professional and dignified manner that will be meaningful to your family.  The services are specifically mapped out in the Pre-paid Funeral Agreement which will be strictly followed in full.

This kind of benefit plan is an assurance that you will be getting the kind of funeral you desire without worrying about future inflation rates.  It is a reality that prices today will increase in the next couple of years.  Investing in a pre-paid funeral plan is one of the most thrifty ways in saving money because you get to have the funeral that you want at today’s prices.

Pre-paid funeral benefit plans help protect pensions.  Difficult to comprehend because the two are not the same.  However, understanding that the money that will beinvested in this kind of benefit plan will not affect your pension clears it all up.  Asset testing is prevented nor will it affect deeming.

As mentioned already before, a pre-paid funeral plan helps protect you from inflation.  All the benefits will be available to your family without the high cost.

Lastly,  this kind of benefit plan gives you peace of mind.  Your money is monitored, invested, and kept safe by an independent professional body that is regulated by the government to ensure that such amount will be available for use upon your death.

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