Why Pre-pay Your Funeral

As a part of funeral planning, paying for your funeral services now at today’s current prices is a big cost saving measure instead of paying it upon death where the price might be double.

This is perhaps the main reason why people consider “buying” their funeral in advance: it helps prevent inflation cost.  Incidentally, by getting a pre-arranged, pre-paid funeral service, you will be unburdening your family and relatives from the arrangement.  In fact, you will be planning for this on your own turf, making your own decisions, getting the kind of funeral service that you want instead of somebody doing it for you.

There are two different ways in paying for a pre-paid funeral service:  a lump sum payment or payment by installments.  We at Orthodox Funeral Services cater to any mode of payment because we understand each clients’ need.  The question that mostly arises from this situation is what happens to the money that has been paid, or in short, whether the funds paid are secure.  In comes the company’s Pre-paid Funeral Policy, which will be discussed in length later on.  Basically, it is giving you the reliance that your funds are secure.

Planning for your funeral way ahead of time takes the burden off from family members.  You do not have to plan alone because we, at Orthodox Funeral Service, are here to help you make those decisions.  On the financial side of it, this is the kind of investment worth venturing into because not only is it a guarantee that it will be used later on, but is also reliance on your part that the system does work and will work for you sometime in the future.

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